Power Configuration Ideas for Modern Data Centers - From Greenfield to Upgrades


Date: February 23, 2016

Time: 2 PM EST

Duration: 60 minutes, including LIVE Q&A

Whether you are facing a new data center build or just a needed power upgrade to replace a legacy UPS system, you’ll find helpful answers in this informative webinar.   Industry expert Peter Panfil will outline several innovative power configurations that are becoming normalized to enhance deployment speed, scalability, utilization rates and efficiencies, all while supporting key availability goals. 

Panfil will dissect several alternatives to consider.  He’ll evaluate the advantages, point out pitfalls to avoid and discuss where to apply the configurations for best results.  Helpful take-aways are provided for those designing new collocation and cloud facilities, plus enterprise data center facilities facing aging power infrastructures. 


Attendees will learn about:


  • New power configurations for improving utilization and scalability
  • New UPS technologies for enhancing efficiency and control
  • Keys to successful power upgrades  

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Peter Panfil

Peter Panfil has more than 30 years of experience in embedded controls and power. He currently oversees global customer relationships for the Emerson Network Power AC Power division, and works to apply the latest power and control technologies to industry-proven topologies, resulting in optimum availability and efficiency solutions for business-critical customers.

Panfil is often called upon to partner with customers to incorporate industry trends and requirements into engineering plans and product development cycles. He is a frequent presenter at industry trade events, conferences and online seminars, as well as a regular expert contributor to leading IT, facilities and engineering media outlets.

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