Technical Cleanliness Verification of Parts Using Particle Analysis - Meets Standards with Ease, Speed and Reliability


Date: 9/17/2014 

Time: 1:00 PM CDT (Convert to your timezone)

Duration: 60 minutes, including LIVE Q&A

Demands for quality assurance of components and cleanliness testing have risen steadily in recent years -- so much so that clean manufacturing is now one of the main issues in many industries such as automotive, aerospace and medical device manufacturing. Both functionality and the lifetime of products are linked directly to the extent of particulate contamination. Thus quantitative and qualitative analysis of particulate contamination helps improve the manufacturing process and ultimately saves money.


Automated particle analysis can meet the present industry standards (e.g. ISO, VDA) while providing increased throughput over manual methods and with much improved reliability of data. Enhanced detection methods for metallic and non-metallic particles have added to this reliability. In addition, new methods (Correlative Particle Analysis) now allow specific unknown particles of interest to be analyzed for elemental content thus identifying the particle composition and potential sources of contamination with ease and speed.


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Michael O'Relley, Imaging Specialist, Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC.

Michael O'Relley is an Imaging Specialist for the Industrial Solutions group of Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC. An engineer by background, he is responsible for materials science applications, image analysis software, and confocal microscopy solutions for ZEISS materials customers from industry and academia in the central and western United States.
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Carl Zeiss

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