Start Your App Development in Minutes by Eliminating Common Embedded Linux Headaches




Start Date:7/12/2016

Start Time:1:00 PM CDT / 2:00 PM ET

Duration:60 minutes


In the embedded space, developers need time to learn how to use, build, and run Linux on embedded platforms. And, it takes time, effort, and money to continuously maintain a Linux distribution with support, patches, and security vulnerability protection for your OS and application code. What if your team could instead focus only on writing differentiating applications?

Wind River® Pulsar™ Linux transforms application development by providing a turnkey operating system that runs out of the box on select embedded platforms. At a recent workshop by Wind River, more than 80% of attendees stated that Pulsar and Wind River Helix™ will help them save time and money on the hardware enablement process by leveraging its quick prototyping capabilities.

In this web seminar, Wind River will walk you through simplified embedded application development, leveraging software designed to run out of the box on embedded hardware platforms.

Join to learn:

  • How to leverage open source technologies on purpose-built hardware without sacrificing the reliability and performance of hardware-centric solutions
  • How to access live updates providing security alerts and thousands of fixes
  • How to develop in the cloud or locally, running any application from any ecosystem directly on the target devices


Bryan Fletcher

Bryan Fletcher, Director, Global Solutions Team, Avnet

Over the past 13 years, Bryan has designed and supported more than 20 Avnet engineering development boards, most recently including Avnet's MicroZed and PicoZed System-on-Modules (SOM). In addition to the boards, he develops trainings, the X-fest technical program, and tutorials. Bryan holds an ASE degree from Snow College and BSEE and MSEE degrees from Utah State University.

Davide Ricci

Davide Ricci, Director, Product Management, Open Source Platform Marketing, Wind River

Davide has a strong technical and business background built in over 10+ years of experience in open source software for devices and the IoT industry. He currently runs the Open Source Platforms Product Management team, leading a globally distributed international product management and engineering team through product definition, product vision, product direction, and execution. He is a big believer that great open source technology sparks innovation, and that technology must always foster the right ecosystem in order to drive industry success.


Wind River

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Start Your App Development in Minutes by Eliminating Common Embedded Linux Headaches

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