Understanding Olli: A Leap Ahead for Self-Driving Vehicles


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On June 16th at National Harbor in Maryland, Local Motors launched Olli, a self-driving mini-bus. IBM’s Watson IoT technology is key to the cognitive user interface that enables Olli to communicate with passengers. IBM’s interface interacts with passengers through natural language and with the vehicle’s autonomous drive system to respond to passenger inquiries, providing an entirely new cognitive experience for Olli’s riders.


Olli is an incredible demonstration of agile development, as Olli moved from conception to pilot launch in just over one year. The vehicle’s design was co-created through Local Motors’ large community. Co-creation was extended to developing the cognitive interface where the initial release was completed in less than two months. Olli’s capabilities will continue to expand during a three-month evaluation period where it will be updated in a series of “sprints” to add new features.


Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Unique features of Olli and the growth path over the next year
  • Why co-creation is the key to rapid innovation and deployment of new technology solutions
  • How Olli will be systematically updated through continued co-creation over a detailed evaluation period


Bret Greenstein

Vice President, IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform

Bret Greenstein has over 28 years of technology and leadership experience in all aspects of IBM's business, from hardware to software to service delivery and business transformation. He is responsible for the IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform. Bret and his team help industrial clients around the world to Design, Build, and Operate smart and connected things through software solutions and industry expertise to leverage the Internet of Things to drive true business model innovation through new operational efficiencies, novel customer experiences, and deep industry disruptions.

Bret has several patents in the areas of collaboration systems and is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, and a Masters degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering. Most recently, Bret lived and worked in China for almost 5 years as IBM's CIO for Growth Markets and supporting client transformation in the region.

Joe Speed

IBM Watson IoT AutoLAB Product Owner, IBM Global Business Services

Joe Speed is the Watson IoT AutoLAB Product Owner for the Olli project. Joe drives cognitive vehicle design & development for IBM including co-creation with Local Motors.

Joe has worked with Local Motors on other collaborations around 3D printed cars and IoT applications in vehicles. He will also take part in the upcoming “Mobility Accessibility” hackathon in Washington DC with US veterans groups and the National Assistive Technology Research Institute.

Joe has also worked on open source IoT prototype vehicles and adoption with several IBM clients. Previously as IBM Global IoT Leader Joe launched IBM IoT offerings including IBM IoT Cloud and was instrumental in getting IoT protocol MQTT made open standard, open source. MQTT is now ISO IoT standard and the IoT on-ramp for IBM, Amazon and Microsoft.

Corey Clothier

VP Product Development, Local Motors

Corey Clothier, the “Autonomous Car Guy” at Local Motors, joined LM in 2015 to lead the charge to self-driving vehicles. For 10 years, Clothier served in the U.S. Marines. After the Corps, Clothier joined the Detroit automotive engineering legion working with Cosworth, Lear Automotive, GM test labs and Ford.

From 2008-2015 Clothier has been focused on strategic development consulting for the U.S. Army Ground Vehicle Robotics R&D center where he co-developed the U.S. Army program, ARIBO (Autonomous Robotics for Installation and Base Operations), ARIBO was a featured White House Smart America Challenge project with the U.S. Departments of Defense, Energy and Transportation working together.

Local Motors believes that in order to create a world of vehicle innovations, we must accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy solutions plus democratize and decentralize the way ideas are shared and products are manufactured. Clothier ensures that the Local Motors’ products fulfill that vision.

Moderator: Phil Nussel

Online Editor
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Understanding Olli: A Leap Ahead for Self-Driving Vehicles

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