Highly Available and Horizontally Scalable Complex Event Processing


Your business faces challenges and opportunities that, if identified and addressed in a timely and relevant fashion, may lead to: new opportunities, threat avoidance, and gaining a competitive advantage. Recognizing important patterns in data, as they occur in real time, is critical. With complex event processing (CEP), organizations can recognize, understand, and react to business events faster by processing large volumes of inbound data. This includes data from social networks, remote device sensor readings, online-gaming player events, credit card transactions, and location data from delivery vehicles.

Many critical CEP workloads require solutions that tolerate the failure of one or more processing nodes, while easily scaling to handle growing workloads. They must process a high volume, velocity, and variety of inbound data, infer the context, and take appropriate action in real time while adhering to stringent availability and scalability service level agreements.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How an in-memory data grid can become the distributed working memory of a CEP engine, allowing it to scale dynamically from 2 to 100s of nodes and handle failure scenarios.
  • How sharding and data affinity can be used to obtain extreme performance.
  • How a message queuing platform can be used to optimize the distribution of data to multiple CEP engines.
  • Which use-cases are well suited to high-availability CEP.

Duration: 60 minutes


Fabio Marinelli

Senior Middleware Architect, Red Hat

Fabio Marinelli, Red Hat senior middleware architect, has more than 10 years of experience of consulting in many different roles. An expert on Red Hat JBoss Middleware, Fabio was named the 2016 Red Hat EMEA Middleware Consultant of the Year. Working at Red Hat has given Fabio the time and tools to truly participate in the open source community. He's done deep dives into Wildfly, Camel, JGroups, and Vertx, contributed the clustering plugin to Vertx, and is an enthusiastic contributor to the HACEP project.

Syed Rasheed

Senior product marketing manager, Red Hat

Syed Rasheed, Red Hat senior product manager, coordinates marketing, evangelism, and consulting activities for Red Hat JBoss Middleware integration solutions. In addition to helping customers address integration challenges, he works with customers, partners, and industry analysts to ensure next-generation Red Hat technology meets customer requirements for building process automation and integration solutions.

Ugo Landini

Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat

Ugo Landini, Red Hat senior solution architect, has more than 20 years of experience working with European customers as an architect, project lead, or trainer and has a deep knowledge of distributed architectures and Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware. Ugo co-founded the JBoss user group (JUG) Roma, writes code in whatever language he finds interesting, and contributes to several open source projects. He is also the founder of the Hacep project and co-founder and chair of the technical committee at Codemotion.


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Highly Available and Horizontally Scalable Complex Event Processing

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