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Welcome to the Intelligence Community Student Programs Virtual Fair
Thursday, August 24, 2017 | 2 - 8 p.m. Eastern

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Thank you for your interest in the Intelligence Community (IC) Student Programs Virtual Fair being held on Thursday, August 24, from 2 to 8 p.m. (Eastern). To gain access to the event, please complete the registration form below.

You will receive a confirmation email with the user name and password you have selected. The confirmation email will also provide detailed instructions for entering the event and other information on how to prepare and get the most from your participation.

In order to qualify for IC employment, you must be a United States citizen, you must be able to obtain and keep a security clearance, and you must be able to pass a drug test.

Are you able to meet all three qualifications?*

Please note that the IC Virtual Fair is intended for individuals who are not current employees of the U.S. Intelligence Community. If you are a current IC employee, please consult the websites of agencies of interest for openings that match your background and level of experience.


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Below, please find the primary career categories for which we have openings at this time and for which we are recruiting in this virtual event. If you are interested in any occupational areas that are not listed below, please go directly to the website of your agency of interest.
Primary career area of interest (check one):*
Applied Research Mathematics
Behavioral Health & Research
Border Security
Clandestine Services/Intelligence Collection
Computer Science/Computer Engineering
Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Data Science – Data Analytics, Data Management Specialist
Engineering – Aerospace, Aeronautical, Chemical, Electronics, Mechanical, Nuclear, Optical and Systems
Foreign Languages – Language Analysts, Officers/Instructors
Information Technology – Computer Network Operator, Electronics Technician, Electronics Engineer, Software/Application Developer, Software Engineer, Network Engineer, Mobile Application Developer, User Experience Architect
Intelligence Analysis and Production – Aeronautical, Analytic Methodology, Bathymetry, Cartography, Collection Management, Digital Forensics, Forensics Examiner, Geodetic/Earth Science, Geodetic Orbit Scientist, Geodetic Surveyor, Geospatial Analysis, Imagery, Maritime and Technical Analysis, Open Source, Photogrammetry, Regional Studies and Targeting
Mission Support – Accountant, Acquisitions and Contracting, Administrative Support, Auditor, Budget Analyst, Equal Employment Specialist, Facilities, Financial Specialist, Graphics/Design/Multimedia, GEOINT Operations, Human Resources, Investigator, Law Enforcement, Legal Services, Logistics, Performance Management and Decision Science, Police Officer, Policy, Program Management, Procurement, Public Affairs, Resource Programming, Security Specialist, Training, Workforce Planning and Analytics
Science and Mathematics – Biology, Chemistry, Materials Science, Orbital Mechanics, Physics
Student Programs
Visual Info Specialist
Watch/Operations Officer
Secondary career area of interest (check all that apply):
Applied Research Mathematics Behavioral Health & Research
Border Security Clandestine Services/Intelligence Collection
Computer Science/Computer Engineering Counterintelligence
Counterterrorism Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Data Science Engineering
Foreign Languages Information Technology
Intelligence Analysis and Production Mission Support
Science and Mathematics Student Programs
Visual Info Specialist Watch/Operations Officer
Intelligence agency of interest (check all that apply):*
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
Defense Security Service (DSS)
Department of Energy (DOE)
Department of State (DOS)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)
National Security Agency (NSA)
Naval Intelligence Activity
Office of the Director of National Intelligence/National Counterterrorism Center (ODNI/NCTC)
Other IC agencies not participating in the IC Virtual Career Fair:

I am or was a participant in one of the following programs:
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I have the following work experience in my field:*
How did you hear about the event? (check all that apply)
Agency website
Career/job fair or other recruitment event
Email blast
Event flyer
Event poster
Online banner
Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
University staff (professor/career services)
Word of mouth
If other, please provide:

By clicking yes, I understand that any resume that I attach to my registration profile will be accessible to recruiters and hiring managers from all IC agencies, including those not participating in live chats at the IC Virtual Fair.*

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The IC is committed to developing a diverse pool of applicants to help us achieve our mission. To determine the effectiveness of our outreach efforts, we ask that you answer the questions below. These questions are voluntary, but we hope you will choose to answer. The information below will not be matched with your registration information or any profile/resume information uploaded into the virtual environment.

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